Call for Applications

Vostok Forum 2013, Murmansk region/ Russia, 26 July – 5 August; Call for applications: A step ahead – De*construction and myths, Humanistic youth movement Murmansk
Roter Baum e.V. Leipzig, Demokratic Youth Forum Brandenburg and AG Russland invite you to participate in the transnational summer academy Vostok forum in Murmansk region/ Russia.

What is the Vostok Forum? The Vostok forum is a non-commercial exchange project of political self-education with its own specific features, which takes place since 2006 in the region of Murmansk. During the project our main principles are self-organization and self-empowerment. Coordinators only create the conditions. The program of the summer academy (including cultural leisure activities) is flexibly taking into account interests of the participants. The project is supported by the Rosa-Luxemburgfoundation. Main topics: First of all we are trying to create a platform for open discussions. This Vostok forum hosts the thematic framework of de*construction and myths. The following topics are meant as a suggestion,
the actual working groups will be developed among the participants at the forum. Possible subtopics:
De*construction of Myths
• what are they like, how do they develop, • what are they for, • can we create our own myths, • reflecting processes of nation building with the help of myths, • inventing of tradions and values
De*construction of Human Rights
• the current formulations and their fundamentals, • new/ alternative phrasing of Human Rights, • Do we need LGBTI-rights in the Human Rights?, • is there a right of informational self-determination?, • What are the 3rd generation rights?, • What is Human?
De*construction of Religion
• Is religion reactionary a priori or is there an emancipatorical potenial?, • role of religion in society today and in history (e. g. religion and church during fascism), • Policy of secularization, • religion and gender, • queer and religion Critics on patriarchal Body and Gender Construction, • what is the role of body in patriachy, • how do we understand gender, • feminism and deconstruction of gender
Our aims are
• Intensive and equal exchange between progressive political and cultural activists and scientists, • researching, critical analysing, studying and comparing concepts and strategies of different, movements in different countries, • working-out joint strategies/ developing coming projects, • to sample methods of political education, • reflecting our own forms and methods of education and learning in the process of the Vostok, • networking between young political activists from Russia and Germany as well as other European countries
Work forms
• co-creative teamwork in subgroups on certain themes/problems, • presentation of your short input-papers (this could be also a presentation of your organization’s, • activities/ it does not have to be longer than 10-15 minutes!), • general plenums and discussions, • free space – evening space – is formed on your offerings (films, presentations, exhibitions,
performances, workshops, discussions on other topics, sport, walks), • political excursions – visiting significant political/historical/economic objects, sites and enterprises, • meeting local public initiatives, exchange.
Conditions for participation
1. Social/political activists, human rights activists, representatives of public organizations, artists, scientists, researchers are invited important: representatives of political parties can participate as private persons and must not propagandize ideology of their party; they should be ready to exchange opinions with representatives of other organizations 2. In the Vostok forum cannot participate: racists, antisemites, stalinists, sexists, dogmatic or authoritarian people. 3. All topics (seminars) you offer should be somehow connected to our daily (political) practice and combine theoretical analyses/ theory with practical approaches. 4. Participants should have basic knowledge of the English language, English will be the working language, please write also your application in English! The main condition: a personal interest in the offered themes, an independent stand, readiness to be an active participant and co-organiser of the forum and to transfer furthermore the information / ideas and methods. The organizers consider the Vostok forum as a process of co-education among the participants and as an open exchange of knowledge and ideas. Financial conditions: accommodation, food, the expenses on journey and academy program are paid. In the application it is necessary to specify:
• Name and surname, age, place of work / study / public organization, your occupation, • contact number or Skype contact, e-mail (no photo), • Activitist / scientific / personal background, • A personal proposal for a short input (about 500 words) showing your motivation and your approach to one stated topic (at least).
Send your application to until the 30th of may 2013. We ask the final participants from middle Europe to save the weekend of the 6th and 7th July. There will be an preparation weekend in Leipzig or Potsdam. Participants which are not from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus need a valid visa! Therefore you need an international passport
which is at least valid until February of 2014. In beginning of June a committee of the organization team will select the participants and hopefully give you an answer shortly afterwards. We are looking forward to an exciting knowledge-exchange in this Vostok forum again! Apply now! Everybody is an expert! The organization-team